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Welcome to the Ricky Ponting Class! We are a fun and creative Year One class, taught by Miss Baines with additional support from Mrs Flint, Mr Rogers, Mr Bater and Miss Mellard.

We learn best when we take a truly hands on active approach, and therefore we try and access our learning through various ways that can facilitate that - from outdoor learning opportunities, to enriching trip experiences. Our goal for this year is for us all to make our own individual progress by working hard and recognising how special we all are, as well as taking a note from Ricky Ponting's book and developing our leadership and teamwork skills!

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Autumn 1
 Our learning for this term is based around the book, "The Colour Thief" by Gabriel Alborozo. This heartwarming story focuses a great deal on valuing the beauty around us every day and focuses on the way kindness and friendship can change lives, allowing us to explore our own emotional wellbeing every day.

Through our English and Creative Curriculum learning this term, we will be expanding our language and writing this term by learning all about varying classifications of words. The pesky Colour Thief managed to find our school and pinch some of our GREAT colours, which has seen us write amazing character descriptions in an attempt to track him down! We will also be writing recounts of what he has done, comparative texts from Zot the Colour Thief and the young boy's perspective and lists of all of the things he stole. Not only did he arrive at Wyndham, but he was popping up all over the world! In Geography we worked out where he had been by exploring weather patterns for countries different to the UK and designed posters to track him down in Computing. We have investigated colours through Science and have made sure to make art work that ensures that we all have a bit of colour in our lives – it does go a long way after all!

 To end each term, we learn about a significant 'Famous Person' and a current topical issue 'In the News'. Our Famous Person saw us focus on a lot of History objectives as we learned all about the Lady with the Lamp, Florence Nightingale. Here we conducted a range of cross-curricular learning, including learning about our human bodies and factual writing. For our 'In the News' week, we explored the Festival of Light – Diwali as a current issue at this time, where we learned all about the customs and traditions relating to this holiday and even experimented with different materials in order to make our own Diwali lamp.


We are Phonics obsessed in the Ponting class and love finding news way to aid our learning in this area. Be it Phonics Twister, Jenga or Phonics Relays, we are constantly working hard to extend our knowledge and therefore benefit our reading. We love to read daily and celebrate our Star Readers (children who have read a minimum of 5 times) weekly. We are becoming quite the experts, using our Masters' Magnifiers to deepen both our word reading and comprehension skills.

Our Maths learning this term focuses on Place Value, as we know the value of this area in underpinning all other areas of maths. We are focusing on mastering concepts and use our Mastery Glasses to show off just how much we know! We also become Tiny Teachers in order to aid both ours and others' learning in all subject areas, giving us ownership and independence in our learning.

We are a very mindful class, and aim to soothe ourselves and ensure that we have happy and healthy minds and bodies. We engage in peer massage daily as a way to calm us and get us ready for learning. We take breaks in between our learning called 'Mindful Moments' which help us to enhance our concentration and focus, stimulate our imagination and creativity, encourage discussion and help us to recognise, name and deal with our feelings in a positive way, helping us to feel valued and positive within ourselves. We take time to celebrate the significant events that happen, such as the Harvest Festival, which saw us donating food to given to those who are less fortunate and taking a visit to a local Church for this celebratory service.


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