We are Working Towards Investors in Pupils.   

What is Investors in Pupils?
Investors in Pupils is a quality award which is very highly valued within schools and by Ofsted. It is built on the principle of valuing pupils views and opinions and giving them a voice in the running of school. It also helps to raise achievement throughout the whole school and supports the induction of new pupils.
The 5 main areas of Investors in Pupils are:
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Classroom Management
  • Learning
  • Induction
This helps our children as they then know:
  • the roles and responsibilities of everyone at Wyndham.
  • how to look after new children and staff in school
  • ​how they can contribute towards their own learning by using their targets to motivate them.
  • why they need to come to school and the importance of attending every day on time.
  • about the school budget, the costs of resources and how pupils can help save money.
  • who our Governors are and what they do..
  • the that Class Dojo helps them with their behaviour.
What does each class do?
Each class decides on their own class targets, individual targets and a class induction book. Each class has an Investors in Pupils display board where class and individual targets are displayed. This is reviewed by the class regularly
What else do we do?
We have also had an assembly to talk about how we spend our school budget. Lots of the money is spent on staffing costs as we need lots of different staff to ensure we have the best support possible for all our children. Attendance is also really important and the class with the highest attendance each week will get pop and biscuits as a treat. 
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