Here is our summary for Autumn 2:


This half-term we are reading the outstanding and thought-provoking novel, Pig Heart Boy, by children’s laureate Malorie Blackman. The novel is centred round a thirteen-year-old boy called Cameron who is in desperate need of a heart transplant. Unfortunately, he has already been let down three times and time is running out. In a bid to keep their son alive, Cameron’s parents allow him to be part of a pioneering, experimental treatment where their son is given a new heart which previously belonged to a pig, Trudy. The book follows the heart-breaking and difficult decisions made by Cameron and his family in order to enable him to become the teenager he so badly wants to be.
We will be closely following Cameron’s journey by learning about organ donation. We will be researching key myths and misconceptions relating to it in order to persuade others to sign the organ donor register and to help patients such as Cameron through writing and recording a persuasive text on our school radio station. We will also be sharing these with organisations such as the British Heart Foundation and the NHS – WOW, we are going to be real-life authors who will make a real difference to the lives of others. Isn’t that inspiring? Did you know that there are 6, 340 people on the waiting list for an organ currently? How about the fact that three people die each day waiting for an organ? We will be learning about this and much, much more over the course of the half term so please keep checking our class Twitter and school Facebook. We will also be considering whether using animals such as Trudy in order to sustain human life is morally right or wrong. We will do this through lots of discussion and debates using our mastery statements of ‘Convince me’ and ‘Explain it’. Towards the end of the term, we will be working with Year 5 to hold a fund-raising day for a heart charity in order to help others just like Cameron. Dates and times will be confirmed soon.
In science, we will be learning more about the body and, in particular, focusing on the circulatory system in order to understand how our heart pumps blood around the body. We will conduct an experiment into the effects of exercise on our bodies as well as using everyday materials to learn about the different components of blood and their specific roles: white blood cells, red blood cells and plasma. We are also working in conjunction with the British Red Cross in order to learn more about our body through becoming leaders in first aid during leadership week at school. During this session, we will learn key first aid skills that we need to be GREAT students and citizens beyond our school.
In maths, we are developing our knowledge all about fractions. We will understand how to compare and order fractions by finding common multiples as well as calculating with them using the four operations. This means that we will be practising our timetables daily in order to become efficient and accurate in our recall of them. This will result in an inter-class times table competition at the end of the half term. Who will win? Keep practising (to win!) and posted (to find out!)
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