Here is our summary for Autumn 2:

Welcome to Nicola Adam's class page. We are a GREAT Year 6 class taught by Miss Winfield and assisted by Miss Hursey and Miss Walker, our superb Learning Ambassadors.


Our Vision Statement

We will turn up every day, on time and with a smile on our face. We will meet challenges with a 'can do' attitude and give others the belief that they 'can do' too. We know this year will be like a rollercoaster ride (with ups and downs), but we will preserve as, in the words of Nicola Adams, ".. nothing is going to stand in our way!"

Our Class Targets
 We will:
  • Turn up every day, on time and with a smile on our face
  • Respect each other and school properly
  • Demonstrate a 'can do' attitude to all learning experiences
  • Listen to other's idead
  • Have confidence to contribute our own ideas
  • Be GREAT


We have an incredibly exciting year ahead of us as we will be covering a wide range of topics surrounding our half-termly class books; we will begin the year reading the gripping 'Trash' by Andy Mulligan. We will then take on the exciting responsibility of putting on a show-stopping performance for the whole school in our end-of-year production (which is yet to be revealed)!

If you are lucky enough to visit us, you will see that we are an extremely enthusiastic class with a love of learning. We work well collaboratively and regularly become 'Tiny Teachers', using our Master's Glasses to challenge each other. We have high expectations of ourselves and others and are therefore the perfect role models for Wyndham and our local community.

Please visit our class page again soon as we hope to continue to update you on our learning journey. If you simply cannot wait, follow us on twitter @Wyndhamyear6.

Our Curriculum Jigsaw:

NWinfield Curriculum Jigsaw


Our Summer Curriculum Jigsaw:

NWinfield Summer Curriculum Jigsaw

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