Here is our summary for Autumn 2:

The Beth Tweddle class has many different values that we consider to be key in order for us to all achieve personal greatness as part of Wyndham Primary Academy. In our classroom we believe that everybody is equal, we all have a voice and we promise to treat each other with kindness and respect every day. This means that we listen to and value everybodies different ideas, opinions and beliefs and we work together in our mastery partners to support one another and develop our use of independent thought. We also promise to keep each other safe by making sure that we are taking care of our classroom environment and that this is reflected in our behaviour around the rest of the school and when we get to go on out of school acitvities. Finally, in our classroom, we promise we will not use the words 'I can't' because we believe that with a positive attitude, hard work and dedication we can all achieve our full potential as learners!
Our Curriculum Jigsaw:

CLawer Autumn Curriculum Jigsaw


Our Summer Curriculum Jigsaw:

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Our Spring 2 Curriculum Jigsaw:

CLawer Spring 2 Curriculum Jigsaw

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