Here is our summary for Autumn 2:

 Hello we are David Weir Class. We are an enthusiastic Year Two class who love learning! Our class in named after David Weir because he is an inspiration to all of us. Despite being born with a spinal disability and facing many challenges throughout his life, David was determined to become a world champion in wheelchair racing. With dedication and perseverance, he achieved this dream and has won many gold medals throughout his career. His belief that everybody can achieve will inspire our classroom ethos this year and we are determined to never give up during our time in Year Two. ​We have lots of exciting learning opportunities planned for the year ahead so please come and see us in our classroom in the cube!
Our Curriculum Jigsaw:

KMcCabe Autumn Curriculum Jigsaw

Our Summer Curriculum Jigsaw:

KMcCabe Summer Curriculum Jigsaw

Our Spring 2 Curriculum Jigsaw:

KMcCabe Spring 2 Curriculum Jigsaw

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