Here is our summary:

Welcome to the Prince Harry Windsor page! We aim to find fun in everyday and in all of our learning helping us to develop into happy, creative, independent learners and respectful citizens within our community. The Year Two class taught by Miss Syson, is also supported Mrs Bird, Mrs Hinchcliffe and Mrs Duerden, who all aim to support and help us with our daily learning.

Our vision within the Prince Harry Windsor class is to strive to be the best we can be. We welcome all visitors with friendly smiling faces and try to offer support and help to anyone who may need it, following our moto of 'Teamwork makes the dream work!' We are not afraid to take risks make mistakes which is reflected in our creative adventurous ways of learning. We show respect to all and try our best in all situations internalising the high expectations that make us GREAT.

We aim to not only reach our individual potential, but also work as part of an effective team to achieve our own personal goals. Providing support and encouragement to all. As we like to say 'the sky is the limit and dreams exist only to be accomplished.'

You can join us on our GREAT journey this year by following us on twitter - @WyndhamY2.


Our Autumn Curriculum Jigsaw:

NSyson Curriculum Jigsaw

Our Summer Curriculum Jigsaw:

NSyson Summer Curriculum Jigsaw

Our Spring Curriculum Jigsaw:

NSyson Spring Curriculum Jigsaw

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