Throughout Foundation Stage, children are encouraged to spend time in the FS Garden where they can choose which physical activity they would like to partake in. Some choose sports and games, gardening, challenges in the sandpit or even construction. This is key to developing the children’s fine and gross motor skills and allowing the children to set their own challenges.
Key Stage 1 is seen as a vital time in the children’s lives to build upon the fundamental skills they have developed and extend these within structured environments and gaming situations. Within these years, children take part in physical activities such as gymnastics, bench ball, dodgeball, dance and athletics.
Throughout Key Stage 2, children extend their learning and physical development further by thinking strategically to partake in competitive situations. Again, skills such as throwing and catching, balance and movement are vital and are used throughout the curriculum. Sports such as Netball, Football, Archery, Tri Golf and Cricket are all fantastic ways to take charge in their learning and develop their physical ability.

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