Kev Jones

Kevin JonesPrior to entering the teacher profession, I travelled the world and had a wide range of experiences such as working as a dive master on the Barrier Reef; abalone diving in Western Australia; teaching English in Thailand; cheffing in a ski resort and working on building sites in Sydney. After my odyssey, I completed a law degree at Queen Mary University, before joining Ernst and Young where I became a Chartered Tax Consultant.

Here I specialised in International Tax Planning for large international corporations. Following the birth of my daughters, I decided that I wanted a change of direction and so embarked on my career as a teacher.
I completed a GTP at Loughborough and subsequently taught year 5/6 classes in Leicestershire. I arrived at Wyndham nearly three years ago to do an afternoon of supply in Foundation Stage. I instantly fell in love with the place and have been here literally every day since. I was WOWED by the schools indomitable optimism and can-do culture. I am looking forward to the challenges of my new role as Staff Representative on the Governing Board at Wyndham.

Laura Shaw

Hi I'm Laura Shaw, a parent governor since June 2015.

My son joined the school in 2014, and as a qualified Nursery Nurse I felt that not only would it help me get a good insight into the school, but my experience allows me to be involved in the future of our children.

Jean Ellins

Dr-Jean-Ellins---Vice-Chair-of-GovernorsI taught biology and science in secondary schools until my son was born. Eleven years later I returned to teaching supporting children with special educational needs in secondary and primary schools. In 2004, having gained a Doctorate in SEN I became a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham and later at the Open University. I have recently retired.

Nearly thirty years ago, when my daughter was in junior school, I decided to become a parent governor. Most of the governors at that time were political appointments and I felt that there needed to be more governors with a personal interest in the school. I have remained on the Governing Body ever since and was Chair of Governors for 14 years during which time it merged with the Infant School to become a primary school.

In 2007 I was asked by the local authority to be an additional Governor at Boulton Primary School which had just gone into special measures. Having become Vice Chair of Governors I have been privileged to a part of its transformation into the "Outstanding" Wyndham Primary Academy alongside a very dedicated and hardworking staff.

Rev Nick Gurney

Hi, I'm the vicar of Boulton St Mary's your local parish church on Boulton Lane. I love sport, from football to Rugby and I'm a big F1 Motor Sport fan. Before I became a vicar I was a Radio DJ!! My focus as Governor of the school is very much on wanting to help and serve everybody in our local community and especially the many families that we have in our area. Do say hello and come and speak to me if you have any concerns or questions whether it's school related or anything else as you'll see me around the school lots at various events, the children know me from the regular assemblies I take here and we've probably bumped into each other in the playground when I pick up my son Anthony who comes to the school. If you do miss me at school then you can pop in and see me for a coffee and a chat any Monday evening at the church from 7.15pm or call me on (01332) 233456.

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