Welcome to the Year 4 Queen's University Belfast class page. The class is taught by Miss Ellison and supported by Mrs Hughes. Miss Ellison is originally from Northern Ireland and encouraged the children to pick an Irish University to name the class. The children chose Queen's University after carrying out research and looking at pictures of the beautiful building.

Across both Year 4 classes we have an exciting year ahead of us with many GREAT things planned. During the first half term, we will be journeying with James and his Giant Peach, experimenting with science and learning about other countries.

Friday 2nd October – Trip to Conkers ('Habitats and Minibeasts')

Autumn 1
During Autumn1 we learned about James and the Giant Peach, we covered lots of Science and Geography through learning about minibeasts, food chains and the digestive system. A particular highlight for some of the children was having the opportunity to carry out an investigation to show how poo is made in our bodies.  We also went on a trip to Conkers to look at minibeasts and learn more about their habitats.
For our Famous Person, we looked at World Cup 2015 Rugby Captains, we created our own class Haka and had an inter-class rugby tournament

Autumn 2

This half term we are learning about Gangsta Granny and the importance of showing respect and care to everyone including the elderly. Towards the end of half term we will be visiting a nursing home and carry out some arts and crafts to prove that not all elderly people sit all day eating Murray Mints and playing Scrabble. The children will be dressing up as Grannies and Granddads on Friday 27th November and parents/carers and grandparents will be invited in to have afternoon tea with us which will be prepared by the children. We are also looking forward to learning about the Romans in week 5 and are looking forward to creating a museum to showcase our learning to the whole school and parents/carers.

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