Spring 1

Last half-term we read the classic novel by Lewis Carroll: Alice in Wonderland. We were taken on an exciting journey to WONDERLAND and recreated our own dream-like stories focusing on OUSTANDING word choices and sentence structures. Also, we considered our own dreams and wrote a speech, influenced by Martin Luther King, about our own aspirations. We considered the different characters in the novel including the Queen of Hearts and baked some of her jam tarts! Furthermore, we also researched about Lewis Carroll and his life during the Victorian period, especially focusing on crime and punishment. Did you know that you could be hung for stealing potatoes!? We were all given a character as a Victorian criminal and spent the week finding out about their crime, writing from their point of view and even used the green screen to pose as our character.

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Spring 2

This half-term we are focusing our leaning around the Vikings and are using an exciting Horrible History book to help us – 'The Vicious Vikings'. Were they really that vicious? We are on a mission to find out! During the topic we have lots of exciting writing opportunities planned such as persuasive texts trying to convince Vikings to visit England, narratives about the Viking afterlife and newspaper reports about Vicious Viking attacks! Our topic will allow us to understand why the Vikings wanted to invade England and the influence they had on English towns and cities which still remains today. For example, we will be learning about the meaning behind names given to places by the Vikings. Also, we will be making our very own longboat and considering what the journey must have felt like for the Vikings all those years ago. Also, we will be getting a taste for the Vikings by baking our very own Viking bread...mmmm!

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Summer 1

This half term we have been learning about 'Blood, bones and body bits'. We were dying to find out what happens to food when you swallow it, why dead people need a hair cut and which animals live under your eye lashes. This book has helped us to get right under our skin to find out some of the answers to our questions. We have also learnt how to keep healthy and the effects of sugar on our bodies. We have tested some of our favourite sugary drinks to see which contained the least sugar. We have also developed our own sugar free treats. As part of Sun Safety we looked at the skin and how to stay safe in the sun. We created posters to warn others about the dangers of UV Rays.

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