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Jigsaw is an intervention centre which has been set up to help support children with a variety of needs. Jigsaw provides structured programmes to suit our pupils’ needs. We assist pupils in developing strategies to enable them to succeed in a classroom environment and achieve their full potential.

What is a nurture group?

Our nurture group is a range of pupils from around the school. Between 12 and 20 children attend in the afternoons, on a regular basis. Some attend two days a week while others attend five days a week. It is staffed by four adults and has additional support and groups that are delivered by the learning mentor. Nurture group offers a short term, focussed, intervention strategy, which supports children with additional learning, emotional or behavioural difficulties, in an inclusive, supportive manner. Our Nurture group has a big emphasis on learning through fun, it continues the mornings topics and class work but also links in additional social and life skills.Children continue to remain part of their own class group as well as being a member of the Nurture group in the afternoon. The Nurture group can support children to be able to form secure and happy relationships with others both at home and school.

How does our Nurture group work?

The children are referred by their class teacher and then carefully selected according to their individual needs. Trained staff create a happy, safe and structured environment with a number of areas and resources that differ from the class room. The children make a mind map each half term. This mind map helps the staff plan activities, stories and cooking which can include food that the pupils would like to try. The staff then link the mind map responses to the curriculum work within school which makes the planning fun, interesting and educational. By doing this the pupils are given a voice and are made to feel their opinion is valued it also allowing them ownership over their learning.

Why is this important?

It is really important to enable children to build trusting relationships. The positive relationships they develop with peers and adults will remain with them and help them build future relationships. To encourage this children are set targets that are achievable, firstly with support and then independently.  The staff monitor the targets and set new ones as needed so the children always have a goal to aim for. The pupils have a learning journey that tracks their progress and successes along their time in Nurture. Children get to keep their journey book at the end of their time in Nurture and then take it home to share.

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