We are Phonics obsessed in the Ponting class and love finding news way to aid our learning in this area. Be it Phonics Twister, Jenga or Phonics Relays, we are constantly working hard to extend our knowledge and therefore benefit our reading. We love to read daily and celebrate our Star Readers (children who have read a minimum of 5 times) weekly. We are becoming quite the experts, using our Masters' Magnifiers to deepen both our word reading and comprehension skills.

Our Maths learning this term focuses on Place Value, as we know the value of this area in underpinning all other areas of maths. We are focusing on mastering concepts and use our Mastery Glasses to show off just how much we know! We also become Tiny Teachers in order to aid both ours and others' learning in all subject areas, giving us ownership and independence in our learning.

We are a very mindful class, and aim to soothe ourselves and ensure that we have happy and healthy minds and bodies. We engage in peer massage daily as a way to calm us and get us ready for learning. We take breaks in between our learning called 'Mindful Moments' which help us to enhance our concentration and focus, stimulate our imagination and creativity, encourage discussion and help us to recognise, name and deal with our feelings in a positive way, helping us to feel valued and positive within ourselves. We take time to celebrate the significant events that happen, such as the Harvest Festival, which saw us donating food to given to those who are less fortunate and taking a visit to a local Church for this celebratory service.

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Our learning for this term is based around the book, "How the Grinch stole Christmas" by Dr Seuss. This classic story focuses tells the tale of the Grinch who despises Christmas due to the events of his childhood, so seeks to destroy it for all of those in WhoVille. The support and friendship of young Cindy-Lou Who, amidst all of the negativity towards the Grinch results in him learning the true meaning of Christmas, thus warming his cold heart and fostering a love of the holiday again.


Our English and Creative Curriculum learning sees us doing a great deal of writing this term. started off by receiving a letter from Mrs Baines-Chambers saying that she had seen a mysterious, green thing that was creeping around the school grounds. We became news reporters and found lots of clues to create a report on who, what, when, where and why, focusing on specific, precise writing. Our reports were fantastic and we helped solve the mystery to find it was the evil, cold-hearted Grinch! We then decided to create Grinch masks and investigated different materials in STEM and Design and Technology. We used the amazing Talk for Writing to write instructions for how this is done, focusing on using the coordinating conjunction 'and' and 2A sentences to write more complex sentences. We then progressed onto writing a diary entry from the perspective of a Who in WhoVille, where we learned a lot about emotive language and writing in the first person and present tense. We also ventured into writing a synopsis of the book in the same rhyming style as Dr Seuss. Here we learned about rhyming and used our summarising reading comprehension skills. We also explored materials further by investigating which material would help Stu Who stay dry in his new WhoVille home, how to melt the Grinch's heart and what would happen if Christmas Spirit was sprinkled on the Grinch's mountain in STEM.

Our 'Famous Person' for the term was Sir Bob Geldof – we learned about the amazing charity work he has done and then ourselves took action to perform acts of kindness to people in and out of school, and charity in his image.

In Maths this half term, we have been learning about positional language and have helped order children in a queue. We enjoyed this because we got to take part in games and races and then order ourselves using the correct positional language which helped us to see the order of Who's in the queue to Mount Crumpit. We then built on our knowledge of Number and Place Value by learning our Numbers to 20 and doing the operations of addition and subtraction to these numbers. These skills have built on our prior learning and have seen us exploring concrete, pictorial and abstract concepts and mastery language. We have been applying these skills constantly, be it counting the presents the naughty Grinch pinched, adding up the baubles on Boo Who's tree or subtracting parcels as they get delivered from the Who Post Office.

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